About Launchpad to POWER9

The resources on this website are designed to help IBM Power Systems clients as they begin to plan for migration from older hardware to the latest POWER processor—POWER9. The content includes interviews with IBM VP Steve Sibley, IBM Power Systems Champion Alan Fulton and other IBM leaders around the many reasons to upgrade to POWER9.

So whether you’re looking for tech specs on the E850 and E890 or information on using Visio stencils, we’ve got you covered. If podcasts are more your thing, we’ve got you covered. Hear from IBM i Architect Steve Will and Offering Manager Alison Butterill, Open Source Architect Jesse Gorzinski and others on the many reasons to move to POWER9.

We also have feature e-books from sponsors iTech Solutions Group on “9 Things You Need to Know About POWER9” and HelpSystems on “How to Right-Size Your POWER9 Capacity and Configuration.”



How to Right-Size Your POWER9 Capacity and Configuration

Content by HelpSystems

The POWER9 Movement is Underway 

9 Things You Need to Know About POWER9

Content by iTech Solutions

And How It Can Improve Your Business 

Why Upgrading to POWER9 Makes Technical Sense

The feeds, speeds and other specs of the E950 and E980 servers 

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